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It's time to break the mould and think more broadly about how we can work better together across public services to improve the health of the nation and to act on the expanding gap in health inequalities across our country.

And as we face these unprecedented times, how will COVID-19 influence our future strategies, interventions and actions to keep the UK population healthy?

Celebrate Collaboration

Working together across public services and communities to put health at the heart of what we do

To shift the conversation from ‘good healthcare to good health’ requires us to work across organisational boundaries and to think about health in a completely different way. How can we improve patient experience, address fragmentation in services and enable better coordinated and continuous care that benefits health and wellbeing?

With the introduction of STPs, ICSs, Health & Wellbeing Boards and PCNs we have the opportunity for more collaborative working across health systems like never before. However, in the context of good health, the scope of collaboration opportunities stretches far and wide. How can we better work beyond the boundaries of health and care to embrace housing, local government, charities, pharmacies, social enterprise, environment, employers – and communities themselves – to improve the health of our local populations?

At Festival of Health we’ll be looking at how we better enable collaboration, how to break down barriers, how to think and work in completely different ways.

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Inspire Innovation

Improving data intelligence and digital transformation to better understand local population health needs

To shift the conversation from ‘good healthcare to good health’ requires a new level of intelligence to better understand our populations. By joining up data assessing a range of social determinants, we can start identifying groups with a high risk of poor health outcomes in the future.

However, the practicalities of delivering this level of intelligence is not easy. How do we join up data and systems across organisations to enable a deeper level of data analysis? What metrics are we looking for to profile populations and identify those that could benefit from preventative action to enable better health and wellbeing outcomes? What new business intelligence tools do we need to help us visualise data in a better way?

At Festival of Health we’ll be examining the practicalities of digital transformation to access better data which in turn will provide better intelligence.

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Drive System Change

Transforming services and designing interventions that are focused on prevention, wellness and improved health outcomes

To shift the conversation from ‘good healthcare to good health’ requires us to focus on prevention, wellness and improved health outcomes. By working collaboratively across organisations we now have an exciting opportunity to drive innovation and transformation in the design of services and interventions that create the right environment for good health.

Personalised care, early intervention, social prescribing, new community services, self-managed care – are all examples of initiatives that we are familiar with – and we have much work still to do. But how do we advance our thinking to tackle some pertinent topics across our nation: designing healthy places that provide access to green spaces, ensuring clean air for our local communities, working with food retailers to tackle obesity, creating initiatives that help people overcome loneliness, collaborating with employers to deal with mental health issues. By embracing new thinking at a community and individual level – we can deliver radical change.

At Festival of Health we’ll be exploring the very examples of how population health management initiatives are influencing physical, mental and social care needs for better wellbeing.

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Festival of Health will be a conference & exhibition experience like no other. Join us for 2 days of inspirational sessions and immersive experiences that will challenge your thinking, provoke new ideas and expand your horizons.

Whether you’re a front-line service provider or clinician, public health professional, data cruncher, service improvement strategiser, CEO or Chair, community engager, service commissioner, delivery manager, entrepreneur or project manager – we all have a role to play in improving Population Health.

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